10Qs with James Hardy

Interview by Jeff Halleran
Photos by Shigeo
Has it been a tough road leading up to turning pro? Do you look back on your memories of being am with general a sense of stoke?
Nah, it’s been the sickest! I graduated high school and have just been skating since, can’t be easier than that! I’m hyped to have so-called “come this far” with skating at all. There are a million kids out there who are way better than I am and kids who would jump off El Toro a million times to take my place. So I’m thankful for it all and stoked!
How does it feel to have finished filming for your Real video part, and are you happy with how it turned out?
It’s hard to be completely happy cause I have a lot of stuff I wish I had gotten. Lot’s of let downs and coming up short on tricks that I really wanted. But, whatever. They’ll always be the next video part. I guess I’ll say I’m happy it won’t be my last part!
Was it rad getting to work with reknowned videographer Dan Wolfe on your part?
Dan is rad. He’s super mellow and laid back. He didn’t treat the thing like a job at all. He was always excited to film and edit stuff and was never too burnt out which made it fun sitting down and editing it with him.
Which sports team are you rooting for from your couch at home back in Alabama?
The only sport I’m really into is college football and of course I pull for Alabama. I’ve been watching basketball lately but it’s so hard to get into because everyone is a bunch whiners. Any time someone misses a shot or makes a bad play they throw up their arms and cry about not getting a foul called or grab some part of their body that never got hit and make a drama out of it, when they actually just sucked. Too many babies in that sport to get into. But it’s the only thing on lately. 

What is ‘Roll Tide’? Can you explain it for people who don’t know?
You’ll just have to come to Alabama and figure it out yourself!
Who is your new clothing sponsor and how did it come about? What’s it like going on trips with that crew?
RVCA is sick. The trips are the best! Pretty much all the trips are constant joking and dissing being passed out to everyone in the van. Jimmy and Leo are masters of verbal-abuse. So if you can’t take jokes, are uptight, get offended easy, or get defensive easy, then you’d have the worst time of your life. But I love it. Makes the trip way less stressful and laid back. It’s common to hear “you suckkkk” or “hey, rememeber when he was good?” after bailing on a trick while on a RVCA trip. But how could you get mad at that? It’s just an ego-buster, and egos suck anyways. It’s all fun and games.
How is your dog Vader doing, in your last 10qs you said he was 7 pound over weight. Did he have to go on a diet since then?
He was on a diet during that last 10 questions but he’s been chilling since then. He’s killing it. I miss that dude! I always leave him back in Alabama cause it’s impossible to live out of my car with him. I’ve only been in Alabama 3 days in 2011! Hopefully I’ll make it back to see him soon.
Have you ever injured another person in a high-fiving incident?
I might have mentally injured my Real TM Darin Howard. He was the one I high-fived in the intro to my Real part and he will not high-five me anymore. I guess I high-five way too hard, but I’m just hyped! Isn’t that what high-fives are all about?
Do you feel like there’s kids out there who are fans of your’s that look up to you, and does that push you to continue to rip and be a good example to them?
II don’t have fans dude. I’ve got some redneck buddies and a handful of other kids I high-five back home in Alabama that are hyped, but that’s about it. I’m not doing anything special that no one else can’t do. Just got lucky.
Do you feel like you have any specific goals or responsibilities to accomplish and tend to now that you are pro?
Nah. I’ll just keep living out of my car, skating & hoping to look like I don’t suck. That’s all I can think of.