10Qs with Jon Allie

Interview by J-HON
So you recently purchased a goat. What inspired you to do that?
Dogs bark too much. I’ve got no time for that. My goat just hangs out in the back yard eating weeds and ramming shit.
Has the goat done anything out of the ordinary since he moved into his new home?
He likes to ram the doors because he can see his reflection and he likes to piss and shit in his water. Pretty amazing.
Why did you name the goat Marly?
It’s spelled Marlie after this girl on the Discovery channel who had some crazy disease. But my 90 year old neighbor thinks his name should be Billy.
You seem a lot more happy and care free than you were before. What’s your secret?
What’s that supposed to mean? Fuck, I just really don’t like California and all the really cool industry people. Everybody is way too concerned about what other people think of them. A lot of people don’t think for themselves and it bugs me. I guess I just distance myself from it all as much as possible and skate with my friends, hang out with my girlfriend who’s as real as they get, and scare myself in my Nova as much as possible. Half my friends are old dudes that just work on their old cars anyways.
What are your thoughts on Brandon Luera’s Black Sabbath tattoo on his neck?
This is why people think I’m an asshole cause I actually say what’s on my mind, straight up. It kinda looks like chicken scratch. But Luera’s ruling so why do you have to drag his bad tattoos into this?
If you had to make a choice to never drive a Nova again or get a Hometown Buffet tattoo covering your neck, which one would you choose?
Never drive a Nova again. Hometown Buffet is pretty awful.
Alright I’m really taking this question back to elementary school. What’s your favorite color? I thought I should just throw that out there.
They all look good on the ‘cid’.
How is it riding for $lave compared to when you used to ride for Zero?
Jamie has really high standards, which is good. That’s how he got to where he is today. I don’t like to be as critical as he is cause it drives me insane. If a trick isn’t filmed perfect that’s alright with me, if the trick felt really good. Also, I feel like if you’re on Zero, people view you differently. They expect you to be insanely good on your board 24/7. With $lave, it feels like no one’s pushing me to do things but myself. I really enjoy skating a lot more that way and it feels less like a job.
You have been telling me for a while that your going to be moving into the garage. Why would a man like yourself who owns a house, want to do that?
I don’t feel like I deserve a house. Basically, I bought a house to get a tax right off and a garage for my Nova. So if I can work on my car and walk 3 feet and pass out, that’s perfect. Oh, and think about how cool it would be to just open up the wall in your room to the outside! Living in the garage, you can do that.
If you could use three words to describe Matt Winterberg what would they be?
3 words isn’t enough. Kick ass filmer, great friend, his backsmiths are ruling. Hamburger plain. Fuck, the guy has gold coins