David Reyes


David has an easy going personality and a funny sense of humor. He carries this personality over on the skateboard and when filming even when skating bigger objects. He jokes around and smiles but doesn’t hesitate to get down to business.

DOB: 10-17-1989
Hometown: Denver, CO
Sponsors: Mystery, RVCA, <EtniesThunderSpitfire, 303 BoardsLoud Headphones
Favorite skaters: Dennis Busenitz, Leo Romero, Peanuthead, Angel, JuJu, Heath Kitchart, Aaron Chilen, Dennis Durrant
Favorite skate spots: Washington Park R.I.P., Denver Park, everything new in CO by Team Pain



Trickipedia Tuesdays: David Reyes Trickipedia Tuesdays: David Reyes

February 05, 2014
Mystery am David Reyes shows you how to kick flip front crook on this weeks Tricipedia. Watch now at www.berrics.com

Process: David Reyes Process: David Reyes

December 10, 2013
David Reyes landed his final trick less than 12 hours before his Etnies part was released. Go to the theberrics.com to see The Process it took to get it.

Etnies Presents: David Reyes Etnies Presents: David Reyes

December 09, 2013
Etnies Skateboarding Presents: David Reyes's Full video part now live on the theberrics.com!

BANGIN! David Reyes BANGIN! David Reyes

December 06, 2013
Mystery Am David Reyes handles a BANGIN! on the Berrics site. Full Street Part presented by Etnies Coming Monday!