Nick Boserio



Brass will always be the guy who makes everybody laugh at a funeral. There are good people, and there are bad people … Brass is good people. He’s funny as shit and he rides his skateboard with an energy that is entertaining to anybody lucky enough to watch him do it.


Geoff Campbell End Of The Year Montage Geoff Campbell End Of The Year Montage

December 31, 2013
Geoff Campbell has cleaned out his 2013 hard drive and put this clip together featuring Jack Kirk, Dane Burman, Nick Boserio, and much more.

Zero Cold War: Nick Boserio Zero Cold War: Nick Boserio

December 07, 2013
Check out Nick Boserio's high speed rail assault from Zero's "Cold War" now live on

TWS Zero TWS Zero "Cold War" World Premier Photos

November 09, 2013
TransWorld Magazine took a whole bunch of rad photos from yesterdays premier, go peep them on

Burnout: Cold Warriors Burnout: Cold Warriors

November 09, 2013
Check Out all Zero "Cold War" video premier madness over on the !