Tony Cervantes


Everyone has something that stands out about them on Zero, but in general everyone’s skating speaks for itself and Tony Cervantes is a prime example of this. He’s always had that classic Zero rail/stair/gap trick bag to dip into, but also puts his personal spin on the tricks he does on these standard obstacles.

DOB: 04-19-1989
Hometown: Whittier, CA.
Sponsors: ZeroFallen, Destructo
Favorite skaters: Josh Harmony & Matt Gallardo
Favorite skate spots: El Toro


Burnout: Tony Loco Burnout: Tony Loco

January 03, 2014
Tony Cervantes is Officially Pro! Check out the pro party photos now at Congrats Tony!

Zero Cold War: Tony Cervantes Zero Cold War: Tony Cervantes

December 14, 2013
If you haven't seen Tony's "Cold War" part yet, it is now free to watch on!

Zero Cold War: Intro Zero Cold War: Intro

November 09, 2013
Here's a quick barrage of some of the slams and makes that went into this epic project. Full parts start Monday. Watch now on!

TWS Zero TWS Zero "Cold War" World Premier Photos

November 09, 2013
TransWorld Magazine took a whole bunch of rad photos from yesterdays premier, go peep them on